Bronce – Oil China 2017

Bronze,,es,Oil China,,en,It has given us a,,es,bronze medal,,es,in the category of extra virgin olive oils intense,,es,This contest one of the most participants receives from around the world and all of them of high quality,,es,It is very pleased to get this award in the toughest category of the competition,,es,bronze,,es,bronze,,en,china,,en,medal,,es,oil,,en,Notice of cookies,,es – Oil China 2017

Oil China 2017 nos ha concedido una medalla de bronce en la categoría de aceites de oliva vírgenes extra intensos. Este concurso en uno de los que más participantes recibe de todo el mundo y todos ellos de una gran calidad. Es una gran satisfacción conseguir este galardón en la categoría más reñida de dicho concurso.

XXXI Salón Gourmet –  Madrid

XXXI Salon Gourmet,,es,Of the,,es,April is celebrated in Madrid the XXXI Salon de Gourmets in IFEMA,,es,There you can find us at stand 8E40,,es,inside the pavilion belonging to the Provincial Council of Jaén,,es,Do not lose or ..,,es – Madrid

Del 24 al 27 de Abril se celebra en Madrid el XXXI Salón de Gourmets en el IFEMA. Allí podréis encontrarnos en el stand 8E40, dentro del pabellón perteneciente a la Diputación de Jaén. Do not miss the opportunity to know first hand,es.

Salón Expoliva 2017

Salón Expoliva 2017

Nuestro Esencial Olive – November It has been selected to be present in the exhibition of the VI International Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Expoliva Extra Virgin 2017. A unique opportunity to enjoy the best oils from around the world gather at this prestigious International Fair.

Premio Bandera de Andalucía

Andalusia Flag Award

The mill 'Oleicola San Francisco’, Begíjar, has been one of the recognized organizations with the Flag of Andalusia this year thanks to its firm commitment to modernization in the process of production of extra virgin olive oil, with modern facilities that have allowed it in 2015 obtain the title of 'Almazara revelation of the year’ by the prestigious guide Flos Olei. Concerning the oleotourism, It was the first tourist mill in the province, being the most visited and received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. further, the quality of its oils has been recognized in many international and national competitions, Terra Oleum, Ecotrama, Terraolivo, Biol or distinctive quality Degussa Oro Jaen.

The company was founded in 1989 by Jose Jimenez, then move to be addressed in 2010 by brothers Manuel and Jose Antonio Jimenez. They decided to embark on this fascinating world of olive oil, acquiring a small factory in Begijar (Jaen). With great enthusiasm and few media began to create together what is now a genuine reality, a family business, traditional and at the same time at the forefront in production systems. The beginnings were difficult, the machines they had were old, hydraulic presses, esparto grass filters, decanting wells, large fusty deposits and especially the everyday enthusiasm to get the bests olive oils possible. Today, Oleicola San Francisco, has a modern facilities and an exemplary production system in the sector.

The Olive oil mill San Francisco picked up his flag Begíjar. This company was one of the first to bet on an open mill to tourism with the aim of achieving added value to the world of oil and explore other avenues of funding.

Manuel and Jose Antonio Jimenez Molina took the flag Oleicola San Francisco Begíjar. They dedicated it to his parents. “We are confident that we have not wrong when embarking on the path of quality and oleoturismO"

Ya somos mas de 100

We are already over 100

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Jornadas sobre Patrimonio Arquitectónico

Conference on Architectural Heritage

DIARIO JAÉN 11/11/2016

olive entrepreneurs defend the need to diversify

Jaen is a carpet 66 million olive trees. A crop that carries with it a specific type of agriculture: oil mills, cortijos, haciendas, farmhouses… Buildings of great beauty and uniqueness, Why not make them visitable? Why not take advantage of these resources? It is the business of oleotourism, a bet that is gaining more weight in the province. The International Conference on Architectural Heritage of the province organized a roundtable yesterday in which several jiennenses entrepreneurs who pioneered this flag waving about their experiences. Francisco Vañó, Tourism Gourmet Castillo de Canena; Jose Antonio Jimenez, from Oleicola San Francisco Begíjar; Ignacio Gutiérrez Rojas, Cortijo El Madroño, and technician Ana Fernandez Zamora council discussed the importance of placing value on existing resources to generate an added profitability to the production of olive oil.

These experts noted that the sector is, itself, a magnet for tourism through a wide range related to the olive and oil: museums, oil mills, steakhouses, lodgings, cortijos, parties, tastings of liquid gold that make a unique offer in Spain.

Ignacio Gutierrez explained how he became an eminently familiar almazara, decades dedicated exclusively to the milling of olives, in an idyllic venue for events such as weddings. "We raised the company to professionalize, when looking at the bottom line, we saw not only costs. Maintain an infrastructure of this kind costs money and seek other sources of funding ", assures. At first, They organize arose no more than five weddings a year. "This year we made 45", holds.

Jose Antonio Jimenez, of Olive Oil San Francisco de Begíjar, is another of the "brave" who has opted for the oleotourism. The pattern is repeated in this case: Old mill, built by his family in 1927, it has become an attraction for tourism because it has managed to "sell" related experiences olive oil. receives a 7.000 visitors 47 different countries: "Oil is fashionable", says this entrepreneur. currently, its main activity is the production of liquid gold, while tourism is more secondary. However, Jose Antonio Jimenez rule not being able to turn this situation.

95/98 en Flos Olei 2017

95/98 en Flower Oil 2017

Our goal is quality in our products and services. The international awards endorse our products and the growing number of visitors we receive the commitment to support Oleoturism.

This week we communicate from the guide Flos Olei we climb, one more year, our score.

Thank you all for your trust in us. We continue to work to improve.

Ven a BioCultura en Bilbao

Come BioCultura in Bilbao

We invite you to visit us in the ecological fair BioCultura en Bilbao, the days 30, 1 and 2 October en el BEC. La feria de productos ecológicos y consumo responsable más importante de España albergará este año a más de 250 exhibitors. This edition is expected to exceed, once again, el número de visitantes que en 2015 estuvo por encima de los 15.000.

There you can visit our stand 157 Pavilion C 2, and you can see our range of organic products and know our offer oleoturística.

Oleícola San Francisco en París – Oleotour

San Francisco Olive Oil in Paris – Oleotour

Paris 2016 01 Paris 2016 03Oleicola San Francisco participates in the hands of the Provincial Council in promoting action “Jaen, Natural paradise“. En está presentación dle programa Oleotour se podrá ver un video promocional de Jaén, participate in a tasting of various olive oils Extra Virgin “essential olive” Hand José A. Jimenez, manager Oleicola San Francisco, Anselmo Showcooking with one of Zeitum and a flamenco show. Come on, that we just want to be there to enjoy that environment.

All this takes place in the center of the Cervantes Institute ( 7, Rue Quentin Bauchart. 75008 Paris) of the French capital to 19:00 hours. If you're in Paris, Do not miss it.