We have a extremely modern mill equipped with the latest technology, adapted to the highest standards of quality and prepared to meet our customers' needs with special attention to detail.


In the modern day production of olive oil, quality is inextricably linked technological capability, Working with OSF guarantees you that each and every one of the processes involved in its production is developed with thwe necessary support of new techniques, ,, machines, protocols, controls, all under the supervision of a highly skill and professional team.


Flexibility is one of our strengths, and our packaging line is no exception in this regard. We have machinery that allows us to adapt to any format, any amount, indeed any particular requirement you may have, Any detail of the products we manufacture can be customized to your specifications.

Our experience ad expertise in this area gives you the absolute assurance that at all times you know the range of possibilities available to you in order to maximise your investment.

Our facilities and processes are approved by the Food and Drug Administration US and are updated to the Food Safety Modernization Act, which allows the export of processed products at our facilities. With all the guarantees and the best quality.


Every product needs the best presentation, as it deserves.

This is the place where you can find a variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), product in all sizes, as well as dozens of related items.

From gourmet olives, to cosmetics made with extra virgin olive oil, even chocolates, EVOO sweets, toghether with sweet EVOO cream, wines, patés, regañas, olive wood utensils, ceramics, and much more.

Our store has the distinctive Degusta Jaén GOLD accreditation that is given to only those stores that feature a variety of regional products..

Of course, you will also find its counterpart online


Convert our mill into a place to welcome our visitors its been, definitely, one of the most exciting projects that we have undertaken. Making from our culture and tradition, a way of living our land and to showcase our product through “Discover how we do it” tours in a manner that situates them in their natural lanscape.

Receiving people from all over the world who are attracted by the landscape, by the trees and by a product like our Extra Virgin Olive Oil reinforces our quest to pursue quality above all else. We are proud to share the secrets of our oil and make it a memorable experience for all who come to visit us. Definitely, an unique experience.

Our Processes

To extract the best that nature has to offer from the miracle olive, Only tow things are needed: the best olives, and special treatment of them from the tree to the bottle. Harvesting at the right time, Careful transport, a reception and proper handling fruit, its grinding, filtered out, conservation and bottled, all, It has much to do to obtain an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our objetive

"To introduce our cusotmers to the ancient culture of olive oil production here in Jaén and provide superior quality EVOO at a fair price"

The ecological almazara

Oleícola San Francisco submits itself annually to all legal controls required to be certified as an organic industry. We have a high degree of awareness with respect to the environment and we continously strive to have the least possible impact on Mother Nature, offering natural products with greater assurance of quality.

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