“Whatever you need, the way you need it” This is our philophy about our services and products

Farmers Intranet

Through this private service want you to have your data available to a quick and simple.

Enter your details and have access to your income, your settlements, admission tickets… everything you need to control your harvest..

Order your keys

Grinding and purchase of olive

Open since early October, we offer the possibility of molturar us your olive. When you decide and how you decide.

We also have a service separation qualities, always looking for the benefit of price for our customers in terms of oil obtained.

Liquidate your olive in the moment you decide, always looking for the best possible price and having your oil tank to your decision to sell. We offer the possibility that you yourself do sales management.

Ability to sell your oil or olive to Prices closed in advance to its development.

Maquila Oil Production

The dream of every farmer, to have their own oil. Unblended their olives with other farmers.

After a year taking care of the tree, to have your own oil on a plate, taste it with family and friends can be one of the greatest satisfactions. The ability to taste the result of your work during the year and to share it with family, friends and acquaintances or even start your own brand.

We offer you our almazara. The most high technology, the best protocols and a team of experts at your disposal with a proven experience, everything to make the best olive juice.

Easier than you think…

Development and Consulting of own brands

Through this service we help you implement your commercial project, Your Own Brand of oil. From the first idea, to have the finished product ready to put it on the market.

National and International brands.

Legislation, regulations, labeled, packaging, Logistics, everything to make your project easy and fast to implement.

Bottle service Hand.

Our experience at your service.

Packaging Services


With a versatile and dynamic facilities, You can make us of your oil packaging.

any amount, any format, from miniatures to large format.

Using your containers, your boxes, or are directly sirviéndotelas.

We are open to any packaging product, preparation service company gifts, gift boxes and assembling individual customization of bottles.

Where others say no, we say VEN.

Technical advice in the making

After years of experience in developing quality oils today we present our advisory service in developing your oil. We help and go hand in hand to achieve the ultimate goal, Maximum quality of your oil. We study your fruit, the optimum time for collection, transport, processing protocols, filtered out, conservation, cata end, etc. All the necessary details are at your service.

Work and agricultural services to third parties

The traditional and family-farm, does in many cases our small farms are difficult to manage or make minimally profitable.

San Francisco Oleícola offers you all farm management service with which to solve management problems.

Leases that allow you to keep your operating without concern for maintenance.

point agricultural jobs that can not perform.

Olive harvest.

Here are some of the options we offer you.

Each client is unique and we put in our utmost attention and dedication.
Jose A. Jimenez