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Oleoturismo Jaén

“DESCUBRE CÓMO LO HACEMOS”… This phrase could sum up our intention. We want to discover the real world of Olive Oil, you know the tree, your care, the fruit, oils, history of its development, and above all the qualities you discover our land, our culture and its people as a hallmark of this land called JAÉN.

Flos Olei Almazara Award for Newcomer of the Year 2015
Jiennes of the Year Award 20
Premio "Jaen Paraiso Interior" Diputación de Jaén 2017
Premio "Flag of Andalusia-Jaen" Junta de Andalucía 2017

Pioneers in Oleoturism

“Oil trip to the World” Was in the year 2011 the starting point for our project oleoturístico. Open the doors of our mill and offer a full program of related activities Olive Oil was our main goal. are now more than 30.000 visitors, coming from more than 50 countries, those who have taken a bit of Jaen in his backpack; Those who have discovered that extra virgin is more than they thought and, especially, They will not forget it smells and tastes like a real Extra Virgin.


Guided tours every day at the mill and Olivar. Individuals and groups, in Spanish, English and French.

gastronomic activities: Caps workshops, breakfast, snacks and traditional foods.

· Aceituneros por un día.

· Exclusive services

· Online Ticketing.

Visit our website and choose how you want your visit.

We want to share with you our almazara.

San Francisco Olive Oil is now an open space to hold all kinds of events: Product presentations, exhibitions, concerts, conferences, talks, colloquia, courses, meetings and business meals.

Recording TV programs, radio, Advertising spots.

If you have another idea, do not hesitate, Call.

Oleoturism advisory

Advice and Consulting.

Oleoturismo start an activity is not easy. In Oleicola San Francisco we put all our experience concerning the sector at your service so you can start your activity with all the guarantees of success attention to detail.

Enjoy one of the best experiences valued by visitors TripAdvisor. Three consecutive years of Excellence certificate issued by this employer
Jose Jimenez

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Come and discover all the Olive Oil secrets. Enjoy a unique experience where you can savour knowledge about the making of a product that is richly intertwined with Mediterranean culture