Marios Solinas Awards 2019

First finalist in category Fruit Green intense

Another good news comes to this your house. Nuestro Esencial Olive – November has been a finalist in the Awards Mario Solinas IOOC, which they are like awards “Nobel” the Äôve.

Specifically we have been as the first finalist in the category of intense green fruitiness. Everything a pride for our mill and, as usual, I want to dedicate more successful because there is no power for us to offer a AOVEs high quality at a good price.

Thank you for your trust in us.

What are the Mario Solinas Awards?

It is the Contest IOOC of extra virgin olive oils for which is given annually Award Mario Solinas Quality meets Decision No DEC-1/82-IV / 00 taken by the Council on 8 June 2000 to institute the entry into force, from the campaign 2000/01, This prize whose creation was decided by by said body in 1993.

Through international competition Extra virgin olive oils convened annually, the Council wants to encourage individual producers, associations of producers and packaging companies producing countries, oils marketed extra virgin olive with a more harmonious as possible and organoleptic characteristics that consumers learn to recognize and appreciate the sensory attributes of these oils.

participants in 2019
The international tasting panel editing 2019 Mario Solinas Award, organized by the IOOC (WATCH), He has already chosen the winners of this year, After analyzing, Between the days 11 and 15 of March, the 164 AOVES presented, from: 1 Angola, 1 Saudi Arabia, 4 the Argelia, 1 from Brazil, 2 from China, 1 Croatia, 80 from Spain, 2 Greece, 4 Italy, 22 from Morocco, 37 From Portugal, 7 Tunisia and 2 from Turkey.

Why Mario Solinas

By paying the name of Mario Solinas for the awards that reward the best scores oils, the Council wants to honor the memory of this researcher who contributed so much with the Council to the standardization of quality criteria olive oil.

When and where awards are given

The awards ceremony will be held in the framework of the Summer Fancy Food, which will take place 23 al 25 June in New York (U.S).

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