Types of olive oil (I)

What is extra virgin olive oil?

Within the world of the olive oils we can find different types according to their quality. So we can find the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Virgin Olive Oil (AOV), and Olive Oil (TO) from highest to lowest quality. In this series of articles we will try to explain in a simple way so they can understand the differences and from a practical approach, that is to say, from the point of view of a normal consumer.

What is? definition

The extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) This expression includes labeling; "Olive oil obtained directly from olives by mechanical means". This comes to mean that this is a perfect natural juice of properties that has been developed using only mechanical means, Or what is the same, without using any chemicals.

Extra virgin olive oil:
Virgin olive oil having a free acidity, expressed as oleic acid is maximally 0,8 grams per 100 grams and whose other characteristics correspond to those laid down for this category in the IOC trade standard.

Oil in this name "Virgin" means that it is mechanical extraction and "Extra" that is perfect, without any defect or problem, these oils are the best quality you can find in the world of olive oils, with an irreproachable aroma and flavor, with zero defects.

These oils are produced as standard in systems with low temperature centrifugation, cold, ensuring that they retain all their properties, aromas and flavors in an optimal way.

The acidity of extra virgin olive oil

Its acidity must be between 0º and 0.8º degrees. This parameter is not telling us the flavor intensity, or quality or bittering. Which indicates is the percentage of free fatty acids expressed as oleic acid. A high level indicates an anomaly in the state of the fruits, they are not in perfect condition.

Low acidity is not synonymous with quality, because the fruit can be perfect, but the oil have been affected by the preparation process. But often they go hand low acidity and high quality. In a decent extra virgin heartburn usually does not exceed 0.3º acidity

Types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Within this classification we will find two subcategories UNOFFICIAL

  • Premium: These are known as early oils, erroneously also known as green oils. They are from the Early harvest, a type of crop which sets the maximum heat and attention in the preparation of AOVES, taking special care in the quality of the fruit, transportation and processing temperature, cleaning and, in general, all critical aspects of production. These oils are produced from mid October through November, approximately. Especially recommended for use in oil.
  • Conventional: AOVE becomes the everyday, extra virgin from the traditional harvest, its preparation usually takes place in early December to mid-January. It is an oil of excellent quality but has a more attenuated nuances that early. This oil is suitable for daily use, both raw and kitchen.
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