Reforms in our online store

Reforms in our online store

Electronic commerce

We reform our online store

He 1 August we are going to undertake a reform of the computer system of our online store, what they call a critical structural reform. For this we will have to put the store in maintenance mode for about three days at most.

This update will not be a drastic change for you, but if you will notice a better presentation, more agile menus and navigation, and a slightly different presentation, For us it will mean better management, more efficient and faster.

It is foreseeable that after its start-up there will be some small failures or something does not work properly, we will be very aware of it so that you do not notice the least and make it work like a Swiss watch,

We keep running

How we are a family that preserves its traditions and customs, how could you be otherwise, we will keep our telephone and email service active and reinforced, so you don't miss a drop of liquid gold on your tables.

Del 1 al 3 de Agosto
The online store will be in maintenance mode. We continue serving you in the:

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Jose A. Jimenez