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esencial olive

Esencial Olive It is the premium brand Oleicola San Francisco, where we discover the best extra virgin olive oils early. Among those considered early Olive oil San Francisco has gone one step further and introduce a few extra virgin early differentiated by the ripeness of the fruit. in them they can perfectly distinguish different nuances of flavor, taste, Bitterness and itching.

In another range Esencial Olive It has been recognized internationally with many awards in competitions worldwide.


Andalusian farmhouses

Cortijos of Andalusia It is the new brand Oleicola San Francisco for our line of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Andalusian farmhouses are the most graphic representation of our traditions and culture, They have been for centuries key elements of our landscape and our way of understanding life.

Cortijos of Andalusia It presents a AOVE heir of our most ancient olive tradition combined with the use of the highest technology and quality standards.

With this brand Oleicola San Francisco links one of the most iconic images of our fields and tradition with its most authentic taste, that of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a gift from our country to the world.

Tierras andaluzas


Tierras Andaluzas is the product line Oleicola San Francisco you want to collect and transmit the beauty of our land and its traditions. Here we find the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Traditional in a more elaborate presentation.

Thought to have a strong presence at any table, at the height of its quality, presented in an artistic bottle makes it ideal for gift or for use in high-end restaurants.


san francisco ecological olive

San Francisco Olive Bio is our line of extra virgin olive oil organic. In his name we find the name of the factory, San Francisco,en, to highlight its traditional character and Olive that adds a touch of quality and modernity of our brand.

That line is for lovers of authentic and natural, those people who enjoy the flavors of the best extra virgin olive oils all natural traditional.


essential olives

Check out Esencial Olives unique and authentic flavors. Olives perfect for lovers of gourmet products, only to surprise guests or to make dishes, salads or special caps.

Give a premium touch to cocktails or salads where olives Esencial Olives They provide an extra quality and flavor that will secure the salient point, or simply savor the unique combination of flavors Esencial Olives.

A pleasure available to few

Gran consumo

san francisco olive

San Francisco Olive It is the heir of our most historic brand, “San Francisco,en"Accompanies us since the opening of the factory in 1926. In the year 2011 is added "Olive"To denote the changing production models that dramatically raised the mill quality standards of our oils.

This brand has always been the most used by our clients, guzzlers extra virgin olive oil. It comes in large formats in PET because this oil will be used quickly and does not require any special storage conditions, This allows savings to pocket large consumers appreciate.


esencial olive gourmet

In our attempt to offer unique experiences to its palate Oleicola San Francisco we have decided to introduce products other than Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its essence but linked to our land and our olive grove.

That's why we offer our range Esencial Olive Gourmet, of which we are sure will amaze your senses giving it new and exciting flavors and pairings with which to enjoy amazing dishes and unique, all with the highest quality and all the benefits of the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



Since the Egyptian times olive oil has been used in cosmetic applications, or applying it directly on skin or hair or using it as a base for more elaborate products. From then until now this use has continued.

With the application of the latest technologies, these traditional cosmetics have reached levels of quality and efficiency much higher, Hence today the aceite de oliva virgen extra is a defendant ingredient in these products. Discover what the extra virgin olive oil can do for you and your skin.

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