Limited edition

Esencial Olive - Juice


Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, too (wrongly) known as branch oil, verde, or first press or press, among other names; It is a living product and we explain it to you.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) it is by definition an irreproachable oil, perfect in aroma and flavor. These parameters can be affected by various circumstances, but mainly for its enemies; the light, heat and oxygen.

The fact that this EVOO is unfiltered makes it more unstable than a filtered one, because it contains organic elements in suspension and humidity. These same elements are what make it cloudy. We can observe that, over time, These elements precipitate to the bottom forming a small layer of sediment where the decomposition and oxidation processes that, will certainly affect the aroma and flavor. In a period not exceeding three months these EVOOs lose their properties.

Our choice

At Oleícola San Francisco S.L. we have always bet on quality, Given the demand of our customers for this type of EVOO, we have always offered it in the oil mill itself. Two years ago we began to market it online but only during the period of preparation of the extra virgins (until the 15 December approx.), to ensure quality and freshness. But this year we wanted to go further.

One of the most anticipated moments of the year is the First day of Harvest, and logically, the tasting. These first EVOOs are special, they are unique and are a treasure for the oil producers themselves.

We have proposed to share with 1000 lucky this emerald delight.


Those interested make their reservation, and through your contact we will keep you informed of the day of harvest, since it is subject to external variables impossible to predict more than 7 days seen.

During the collection and preparation we will send you a link to be able to follow all the operations in streaming (where coverage allows) and later you will be sent an edited video of the elaboration of ITS aceite, with its protagonists.

As soon as the EVOO is made, it will be packed in bottles with a numbered label, and prepare for shipping, just waiting for the results of the analytics required by health and consumption.

Once the procedure is completed (some hours) the orders will go to your homes, where in no more than 48 hours you can enjoy the jewel in the crown of the Andalusian countryside; The authentic Olive Juice