Premio Bandera de Andalucía

Andalusia Flag Award

The mill 'Oleicola San Francisco’, Begíjar, has been one of the recognized organizations with the Flag of Andalusia this year thanks to its firm commitment to modernization in the process of production of extra virgin olive oil, with modern facilities that have allowed it in 2015 obtain the title of 'Almazara revelation of the year’ by the prestigious guide Flos Olei. Concerning the oleotourism, It was the first tourist mill in the province, being the most visited and received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. further, the quality of its oils has been recognized in many international and national competitions, Terra Oleum, Ecotrama, Terraolivo, Biol or distinctive quality Degussa Oro Jaen.

The company was founded in 1989 by Jose Jimenez, then move to be addressed in 2010 by brothers Manuel and Jose Antonio Jimenez. They decided to embark on this fascinating world of olive oil, acquiring a small factory in Begijar (Jaen). With great enthusiasm and few media began to create together what is now a genuine reality, a family business, traditional and at the same time at the forefront in production systems. The beginnings were difficult, the machines they had were old, hydraulic presses, esparto grass filters, decanting wells, large fusty deposits and especially the everyday enthusiasm to get the bests olive oils possible. Today, Oleicola San Francisco, has a modern facilities and an exemplary production system in the sector.

The Olive oil mill San Francisco picked up his flag Begíjar. This company was one of the first to bet on an open mill to tourism with the aim of achieving added value to the world of oil and explore other avenues of funding.

Manuel and Jose Antonio Jimenez Molina took the flag Oleicola San Francisco Begíjar. They dedicated it to his parents. “We are confident that we have not wrong when embarking on the path of quality and oleoturismO"