Electronic commerce

Free shipping on the peninsula

In these complicated months we have been more aware than ever of the great value of our company, your trust. You have continued betting on us, had patience when the delivery time has been extended, or a package has been lost. You have shared our products with friends and family, our offers, that has helped us continue, not to fall apart before the dramatic situation that we have all lived together.


In gratitude we want to compensate you as best we know; offering you the best conditions and prices. Therefore we have decided to keep, for the moment and no end date, the FREE SHIPPING for orders over € 30 throughout the peninsula.

We can adopt this measure after it has been possible to improve our shipping rates due to the increase in your orders., which has also allowed us to reform and improve commercial infrastructure, always putting your satisfaction before any other economic factor.

Thank you very much for your confidence!

"Is well born, be thankful"
D. José Jimenez